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Welcome to St. Luke's Upper Broughton

St.Luke's also known as the Parish Church of Broughton Sulney



Photograph of St.Luke's Upper Broughton

St.Luke's Upper Broughton

Belvoir Angel on head stone Proof of all the hard work recently undertaken in the Church yard Autumn 2014

Belvoir Angels & Church yard working party

Services in our Benefice to November 24 2019 ( Sundays unless stated )

Date Upper Broughton Hickling Kinoulton
Dec 1 Advent Sunday 11.00am Family Holy Communion 6.30pm Evensong BCP

9.00am Holy Communion


Dec  8


10.00am All Age Worship  Family Service

9.00am Holy Communion

11.00am Morning Prayer

Dec 15

11.00am Morning Prayer

10.00am All Age Worship  Family Service

9.00am Holy Communion

Dec 22

11.00am Nativity / Crib Service

6.30pm Carol Service


9.00am Said Communion

11.00am All Age Worship Family Service

Dec 24

Tuesday Christmas Eve

6.30pm Carol Service

11.30m Midnight Mass Group Service

4.00pm Christingle

6.30pm Carol Service


Dec 25


Christmas Day



11.00am Morning Prayer

No Service

10.00am Holy Communion

Group Service

Dec 29 10.00am Holy Communion Group Service

No Service

No Service

Jan  5


11.00am Family Holy Communion 6.30pm Evensong BCP 9.00am Holy Communion

Jan 12

Baptism of Christ

10.00am All Age Worship Family Service 9.00am Holy Communion 11.00am Morning Prayer
Jan 19 11.00am Morning Prayer 10.00am All Age Worship Family Service 9.00am Holy Communion
Jan 26 9.00am Holy Communion 6.30pm Holy Communion 11.00am All Ag Worship Family Service


Christmas at St Luke's

The PCC, Churchwardens and Rev. Maggie invite you all to join with us to celebrate Christmas this December

Sunday 22 December

11.00am  Nativity / Crib Service at Upper Broughton

6.30pm         Carol Service at Hickling

Tuesday 24 December Christmas Eve

4.00pm        Christingle at Kinoulton

6.30pm        Carol Service at Kinoulton

6.30pm        Carol Service at Upper Broughton

11.30pm       Midnight Mass at Hickling

Wednesday 25 Christmas Day

10.00am       Holy Communion at Kinoulton

11.00am       Morning Prayer at Upper Broughton


Ramblings from The Rectory

It was Pope Julius 1 who authorised December 25th to be celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ in AD 353, because no one really knows exactly when He had been born.  It makes a lot of sense to choose December 25th as it is 9 months after the Annunciation, which is the time that the Angel Gabriel came to Mary and told her the good news.  It also corresponds with the Jewish festival of Hannukah and, as Jesus was a Jew, that would make a lot of sense.

Professor Charles Follen lit candles on a fir tree in America in 1832 and Prince Albert brought a fir tree into Buckingham Palace in 1841.

it is a long time since Queen Victoria enjoyed her Christmas tree and Charles lilt his candles.  Many centuries have passed since Pope Julius 'fixed' the date of Christmas Day and over two millennia since a special star hovered over a stable.

As we approach Christmas once again 2019 years since Jesus was born, it gives us all an opportunity to pause amid all the excitement, the elaborate decorations and all the commercialism that Christmas is today, to consider again the event that Christmas really celebrates; that person born in a stable, transported many miles away from his home because the Roman invaders wanted to know how many people they had conquered, and then being persecuted by a jealous king.  Surviving all that as a baby, growing up in a very quiet way with his mother and father until, in his early 30s, he was once again persecuted and put to death by the Roman invaders.

That however is not the end of the story, that ending we celebrate at another time in the Christian calendar.... Easter, a time of new birth !

Let us remember this Christmas the simplicity of Christ's arrival on earth and ask ourselves are we making Christmas too complicated ? Are we spending too much time in preparation of food, presents and decorations ?

Christians spend Advent, which is the time leading up to Christmas, in prayer, sometimes fasting and in simple acts of faith, so that we can focus on the true meaning of Christmas which starts for us at our Christmas Eve service this year at Hickling Church.


Noel and I wish you all a Joyful Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

Rev. Maggie


Reverend  Maggie Woodward

The Rectory, 41 Main Street, Kinoulton

01949 81183


An item about the Church & GDPR can be downloaded here

Reverend Maggie Woodward


Maggie Woodward

A history & explanation of the Broughton Quilt which hangs in St.Luke's

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