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Welcome to St. Luke's Upper Broughton

Update: October 2020 The Church along with those in Kinouton and Hickling are now open for services again, see table below.



Service dates for St Luke's Churches. Sunday Services unless designated

DateUpper BroughtonKinoulton


September  19

11.00am Morning Prayer 9.00am Holy Communion

10.00am Morning Prayer


September 26 9.00am Holy Communion 11.00am Harvest Festival 6.30pm Holy Communion
October   3 11.00am Harvest Festival 9.00am Holy Communion 6.30pm Harvest Service
October 10 10.00am Morning Prayer 11.00am Morning Prayer 9.00am Holy Communion

October 17

Patronal Festival

10.00am Holy Communion Patronal Festival

Benefice Group Service

No Service No Service
October 24 9.00am Holy Communion 11.00am Morning Prayer 6.30pm Holy Communion
October 31 No Service

6.30pm All Souls Group Benefice Service


10.00am Holy Communion All Souls Group

Benefice Service

November  7 11.00am Holy Communion 9.00am Holy Communion 6.30pm Evening Service

November 14



9.30am Service of Remembrance 9.00am Holy Communion said service

10.50am Service of Remembrance, followed

by service at KVH

November 21

Christ the King

11.00am Morning Prayer 9.00am Holy Communion 10.00am Morning Prayer

November 28

Advent Sunday

9.00am Holy Communion 11.00am Morning Prayer 6.30pm Holy Communion
December. 5 11.00am Holy Communion 9.00am Holy Communion 6.30pm Evening Service


An Easter Message from Rev Maggie

It is that wonderful time of year when spring is springing, as it were, flowers are blooming, the sun is getting warmer and the cold days of winter are behind us, although as I write this it's raining. Ah well, so much for our British climate !

The time before Easter is called Lent where Christians contemplate the events leading up to Christ's crucifixion on Good Friday on the cross at Golgotha, an area just outside the city of Jerusalem.  The period of Lent is 40 days long ( excluding Sundays ) and is a penitential time, where time may be set aside for prayer, reading, discussion about these events and how they may reflect in our actions today.  Some people also use the time to fast or at least 'give something up for Lent' as a reminder of the time Christ spent in the desert being tempted by Satan.  It may be stopping eating chocolate or ice cream, or even watching daytime tv. !  Some use the time to study, others do something not tried before, or maybe read that book you always wanted to but never found the time.

As Lent comes toward its end we celebrate Palm Sunday, the time when Christ entered Jerusalem to cheers and salutations, with palms laid at His feet but knowing what His fate would be, just five days later.

Easter Sunday is the day Christ rose from the tomb to bring the Good News to all.  In church we greet each other by saying 'Christ is Risen' and responding 'He is Risen Indeed'.  A time of jubilation may follow with 'party poppers', 'paper chute whistles' and the like ( please do ask if you want to know when and where ).

It is also a time when we are all looking forward to beginning the rise out of the Covid 19 pandemic and hopefully into another time of jubilation, such as the Church's response to finding out that the Lord has rise.. Slowly and surely, not too quickly, stage by stage so that come the summer we should be able to meet and greet our friends and family, some of whom we may not have seen for well over a year.  Just like having faith in Christ we need to have faith in our decision makers.

We hope to have our churches open as soon as it is safe and possible to do and as many of you know its not just the unlocking of the  doors, the building must be cleaned for door to altar, the water systems run through and the church aired and ventilated after being shut up for so long.  When we open it will still be under Covid restrictions, face masks must be worn, hands sanitised and with limited numbers.  We all look forward to that time when none of this will be needed, but not just yet !

As I write this to you the ministry team of St Luke's if planning meeting and having discussions about when we may begin services, open our churches, hold our coffee mornings and at Kinoulton open the Post Office.  As soon as we have a reopening date it will be advertised on our church and village websites and on the church notice boards.

If you would like to get in touch with me my details are:

Rev Maggie Woodward, The Rectory, 41 Main Street, Kinoulton, NG12 3EA

phone 01949 81183 maggie.woodward511@btinternet,com

On behalf of all of us at St Luke's Churches may I wish you all a glorious and very Happy Easter.  Rev Maggie


Mrs Sheila Hill       phone 01949 81096

Mr Robert Jones     phone 01664 822916


Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Rachael Henson   phone 01949 81453

Upper Broughton

Upper Broughton is a small village situated on the Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire border in the East Midlands, UK. With a population of some 250 people it is a small, friendly community on the edge of the Vale of Belvoir. Occupying a hill top position the village has commanding views over wide open countryside as far as Belvoir Castle. Once a farming stronghold Upper Broughton is now mainly a commuter village, well situated for Leicester, Nottingham, Melton Mowbray, Loughborough and surrounding areas. Original Bailey's Melton Mowbray Pork Pies were once made in the village.


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