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Welcome to St. Luke's Upper Broughton

St.Luke's also known as the Parish Church of Broughton Sulney



Photograph of St.Luke's Upper Broughton

St.Luke's Upper Broughton

Belvoir Angel on head stone Proof of all the hard work recently undertaken in the Church yard Autumn 2014

Belvoir Angels & Church yard working party

Services in our Benefice to March 25  2018 ( Sundays unless stated )

Date Upper Broughton Kinoulton Hickling
Feb  4 11.00am Family Holy Communion 9.15am Holy Communion

6.30pm Evensong BCP

Feb 11

10.00am All Age Family Worship

10.45am Sunday crew

11.00am Morning Prayer 9.15am Holy Communion

Feb 14

Ash Wednesday

no service 7.00pm Holy Communion no service
Feb 18 11.00am Morning Prayer 9.15am Holy Communion 11.00am All Age Worship Family Service
Feb 25 9.5am Holy Communion 11.00am All Age Worship Family service 6.30pm Holy Communion
March  4 11.00am Family Holy Communion 9.15am Holy Communion 6.30pm Evensong BCP

March 11

Mothering Sunday

10.00am All Age Worship Family Service

9.15am Holy Communion

11.00am All Age Family Worship

10.00am All Age Family Service
March 18 11.00am Morning Prayer 9.15am Holy Communion 11.00am All Age Worship Family Service

March 25

Palm Sunday

no service no service

9.45am Procession from Village Hall

10.00am service at Church


Reverend Maggie and the Ministry Team at St Luke's Group of Churches invite you to join with us at some or all of the following special services.


The St Luke's group of Churches have an annual Ash Wednesday service, this year to be held at St Luke's Church in Kinoulton at 7.00pm where the ashes will be imposed onto the foreheads of those who wish to receive them.



There will be an All Age Family Worship Service in all three of our Churches.

Upper Broughton at 10.00am.  Hickling at 10.00am.  Kinoulton at 11.00am.



A Sunday Procession led by a pony from

Hickling Village Hall to Hickling Church leaving at 9.45am followed by

A Service for Palm Sunday at Hickling Church from 10.00am.




Ramblings from the Rectory

Christmas is that annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ and it is central to the Christian liturgical year.  it is preceded by the season of Advent and Christmas day itself initiates the season of Christmastide, which lasts twelve days and ends on Twelfth Night when it is traditional to take our decorations down.

Although the actual month and date of Jesus' birth are unknown, by the 4th century, the Christian Church had placed Christmas on December 25th nine months following the Annunciation, when the conception of Jesus is celebrated.

It doesn't really matter that we do not know the exact date of Jesus' birth.  We do know he was born to Mary and Joseph some 2017 years ago and was brought up in a poor family under the despotic rule of the Roman Empire.  Little or nothing was written or recorded of his life from his birth until he was in his early thirties.  He taught and helped almost everyone he came across, upset several people along the way and managed to change many, many people's lives. What happened to him at the end of his life is remembered and celebrated at Easter.

In the hubbub and preparation for Christmas it is very easy to forget just exactly why it is such a very important time of the year.  To children, and I guess many adults, it is just a wonderful time to eat, open new presents, watch some really good television, meet up with families and friends and have some time off school and work.  To Christians it is also that wonderful time to remember Christ and all the good things He did for the world.

However not everyone has such a good time at Christmas and maybe we could find a moment or two in our hectic lives to think about them, and maybe offer something to those organisations that help them.  Those who have to be away from home and loves ones for many and varied reasons, those who cannot afford to celebrate either through lack of money or fear, and those who just don't understand what it is all about.

Elsewhere in our village magazines and on our village websites, there is is list of services and events across our three churches, which I invite you to come along to, including carol services, a Christingle, a nativity and of course Midnight Mass.

Noel and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and when it gets here, ( although at the rate this year has gone it will be here and gome before I am even halfway ready !) and a very peaceful New year.

Yours in Christ

Reverend Maggie

Reverend Maggie Woodward


Maggie Woodward

A history & explanation of the Broughton Quilt which hangs in St.Luke's

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