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Neighbourhood Plan

What do we want and what don't we want for Upper Broughton?

A Neighbourhood Plan is now well under way. In early October 2017 Survey Packs were distributed to every household in the parish to gather the views of local residents.

Over 100 residents took the time to fill out the survey and the summary of the resutls can be found here.

The results of the survey provide interesting reading and show a fairly predictable consensus. Traffic (on the road and in the air), lack of amenity, a desire to preserve views and green spaces along with the aspect of the village, concerns over development within the village and the desire for the future development of smaller properties all feature. Download a copy and please feel free to feedback your comments.

The next stage is for a draft plan to be drawn up for approval some time in January 2018. If you would like to know more please either contact the Parish Council or one of the Neighbourhood Plan group.

Direct link to results Pdf


New House

These are early stages and approval to go ahead and start the process has now  been given by the Parish Council. If you are interested in becoming involved then please approach the Parish Council.

What is Neighbourhood Planning? - The official line…

Below is the transcript of a letter setting out to inform residents, to start a debate and test the level of support for the project.


However long you have lived in Upper Broughton you will know that this is an attractive rural village surrounded by countryside which is now, and will continue to be, under significant pressure from development.

All planning applications for development within Upper Broughton are dealt with by Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) who consult the Parish Council and any neighbours. But their influence is very limited. RBC are primarily guided by their own interpretation of the Rushcliffe Plan. They must also take into consideration Neighbourhood Plans, if they exist.

We do not currently have such a plan, but with your help we would like to produce one. It would enable us to have some meaningful influence on the future of the village. A Neighbourhood Plan is a formal planning control policy statement. It has substantial weight with RBC in any consideration of planning applications.  A Neighbourhood Plan will not stop development taking place, but it will enable us to have some say in the development that happens. Many of the surrounding villages are going through this same process.

Upper Broughton Neighbourhood Plan

Upper Broughton has successfully gained approval to develop a Neighbourhood Plan.  Funding is available and we have identified a consultant who would be employed to help us produce the plan. Lots of expert help, support and guidance is available, but it needs to be our plan. We need your help to:

• Be part of the steering group. This body, comprising 10-12 people should be representative of all the residents, and draw from across the community. It will involve approximately  8 meetings spread over 12 months

• Join a supporting group, which will help formulate policy on specific issues, e.g. environment, business, transport, conservation, design etc.

• Feed your thoughts, ideas and needs into the supporting groups to ensure that what is written reflects the views of the community.

What can you do?

You, as a resident, are crucial to this process. Without you it will not succeed. So please get in touch to let us know what you think, and how you feel you can best be involved.



Download PDF version of Letter




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